My work is based upon a contemporary psychoanalytic framework. Into that foundation, an integration of Buddhist-inspired mindfulness has proven to be effective for my clientsā€™ improvements. It is clear to me that my personal regular meditative practice has enhanced my ability to listen empathically and attentively.  

During a treatment session, guided by mindful perspectives, I may draw attention to non-verbal sensations or the onset of an emotional spiral into panic, self-attack, or maladaptive narrative.  If appropriate, I will suggest using mindfulness practices, such as meditation, outside of therapy.  Often I will offer some guidance in terms of technique and identify resources for instruction and practice in the community.

I do not suggest that mindfulness can take the place of in-depth psychodynamic therapy or analysis.   The tools are meant to augment rather than replace the strengths of the psychodynamic process. My basic concern remains: how can I best help people lead more satisfying lives.